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Grandparents Day

Your grandparents have likely gotten you a multitude of gifts every year for your birthday and other holidays over the course of your life. Grandparents Day is the perfect time of year for you to pay them back for all the years of love and thoughtfulness. On this special day, let them know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE in Redlands, CA has many different floral arrangements for you to pick from as a gift this Grandparents Day. Whether you're wanting something colorful to brighten their day or something more soothing and nostalgic to help them relax and remind them of the old days, we've got you covered and will take care of your and your grandparents. Let REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE help you make this a special Grandparents Day for those special grandparents.
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Rosh Hashanah

During these High Holy Days, say shanah tovah u’metuka, "Happy New Year," to those who mean the most to you. Celebrate the Jewish New Year with a Rosh Hashanah flower arrangement filled with red and white flowers, adding the perfect touch to your Rosh Hashanah table. Order ahead and have your arrangement delivered to you. We are here to help make someone’s New Year sweet as honey. Send a gift wherever it needs to go, whether that is in your city or miles away; we can help!
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Thanksgiving (CAN)

Decorate your Thanksgiving Feast With Charming Fall Flowers

Come together and break bread around a beautiful arrangement bursting with fall colors that everyone will enjoy. Autumn colors are coming alive and are creating hues of reds, oranges, browns, and gold.

hues of reds, oranges, browns, and gold. Fill your house with cornucopias, baskets of fall flowers, and arrangements of contemporary florals. The fall harvest of sunflowers, mum, and orange lilies bring the fall vibes in.

Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Welcome guests to your Thanksgiving table with a charming flower arrangement. What better way to celebrate the holiday than to add that touch of fall you are looking for? A simple addition of flowers on your Thanksgiving table, your family dinner will transform into a glorious Thanksgiving feast.

A Gift For Your Host

Headed over to a friend’s house for a Friendsgiving or to watch the big game? Say “thanks for hosting me” by bringing your doubleheader host a beautiful flower arrangement with your side dish. Select a bouquet your host will love that is bursting with fall colors.

Choose from an array of arrangements with beautiful autumn tones of rustic reds, bright oranges, and warm neutrals, with cornucopias, baskets, and vibrant vases. Your host will appreciate your thoughtful gift and will be excited to place it alongside their holiday decor.

For Those, You Are Thankful For

From far away or right down the street, Thanksgiving is a time for us to gather and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. Flowers bring people together; whether you’re together or apart, the thoughtfulness behind a beautiful arrangement will make a lasting impression long after the petals have gone.

Order Ahead of Time

It is best to order your Thanksgiving flowers as soon as possible. This can help you secure your desired flowers and ensure their delivery date. Select the flowers you wish, place the order early, and select a later delivery date! This is a smart shopping tactic to beat the other customers to the supply of flowers and avoid order complications caused by low supply during high order volume periods.

The later your order is placed, the riskier your chances are of receiving the exact flowers you want. As the time draws close to Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving week, specific flower supplies begin to run low or go out of stock. Once flowers start going out of stock from filling a mass of orders, the shop will rely heavily on the flower shipments to restock. If an order is placed too late, this can often result in flower substitutions to an order.

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National Boss Day

Flowers never fail to bring a smile to someone's face. Who could use a smile more than your boss? REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE can help you choose a fantastic floral arrangement that's sure to make your boss turn that frown upside down. Who knows, maybe you'll get out of work a few minutes early?
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Sweetest Day

We all know people who go out of their way to do wonderful things for others and never expect anything in return. Sweetest Day is THE DAY to show them how much you appreciate them. Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like a gift basket full of yummy snacks. REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE in Redlands can help you select the right sweets for your sweetie this Sweetest Day!
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I know what you're thinking, "Flowers for Halloween?" You might be surprised at what creative florists have up their sleeve. Let our experts help you plan your Halloween decorations and haunted houses. From your front door wreath, to your ghoulishly gorgeous centerpiece, REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE will help you turn your Halloween get-together into a Halloween party no one will ever forget.
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Thanksgiving (USA)

How do I take care of my flowers once they are delivered?

Now that you have your lovely flowers for the holiday season, you would like to preserve their beauty for as long as possible. We have provided some fresh flower care tips to help. If you are giving flowers to friends or family, feel free to share this page with them so that they will be able to care for their flowers soon after their delivery.

First things first
Most flowers are delivered with a plastic covering. Remove all plastic to all your flowers to breathe. Next, if your flowers are already in a vase or you have just placed them in a vase, refill the vase with fresh water. Your flowers will love the hydration.

Where you place your flowers can make a difference
It is best to avoid placing your flower in areas of extreme temperatures: windowsills, direct sunlight all day, or an overly hot room. These can cause wilting or dry out your flowers. Instead, place your flowers somewhere where they will be in cooler and more controlled conditions.

It is always good to prevent the possibility of ethylene gas reducing the life of your flowers. This can often come from placing flowers near fruit or cigarette smoke.

Maintaining your flower’s beautiful presentation
As your beautiful flowers are on display, check up on them and tend to them periodically over a series of days.

  • For vase arrangements, keep your vase filled with fresh water to provide them with proper hydration.
  • For basket arrangements, it is good to also provide them with hydration. We suggest daily fresh water hydration.
  • Anytime the water begins to become cloudy, change out the water. You will need to clean your vase with soap and water, rinse thoroughly, and then fill your vase back up with fresh water. Using soapy water rather than only rinsing can help remove bacteria that could cause your flowers to die more quickly.
  • Remove any strongly wilted contents: wilting leaves or stems. This will help you maintain a fresher and neater look.
  • Cut your stems at an angle using a sharp knife. We recommend cutting them one to two inches from the bottom of the stem. This will allow your flowers to hydrate and absorb the water properly. Using scissors to cut the stems is not recommended, as scissors can crush the stems and hinder the flower’s ability to drink water.
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Can I pick-up the Christmas flowers I ordered online?

REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE offers both store pickup and delivery. If you would prefer to pick up your Christmas order, just give us a call at (909) 793-2553 and let us know. If you would like your order delivered, you will be able to enter the address and additional delivery details during the online ordering process. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out and one of our associates will gladly assist you.

Can I request a flower substitution in my Christmas arrangement?

At REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE, we would be happy to provide the flowers or color of flowers you would like. Please feel free to contact us (909) 793-2553 with further information regarding your request. We can discuss your options in regards to our flower and flower color availability. To secure your preferences or arrangement selection, we advise placing your order as early as possible. During the Christmas season, flower varieties may occasionally run out of stock, and we may have to wait for a delivery truck. If your flowers of choice are available, we would be glad to provide you with that personalization.

Will my flowers be delivered even if no one is home?

Before you place your order online, we recommend that you provide our delivery drivers with additional information if you are aware that you or the one receiving the flowers will not be present. You will be able to select a date of delivery that is best for you. If something changes concerning your delivery needs, please give us a call (909) 793-2553 and we can work together on a plan to ensure your delivery.

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Order Your Beautiful Kwanzaa Flowers Today

Celebrate African heritage, culture, and unity with a flower bouquet in traditional Kwanzaa colors. Decorate the table with breathtaking florals that express the tradition of culture and community.

Add the perfect touch to your Karamu table with a festive Kwanzaa floral centerpiece. Floral arrangements with red, green, and black flowers with touches of white complete with fresh fruit, will elevate any tablescape.

Popular Kwanzaa centerpieces include:

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Poinsettias
  • Peruvian Lilies
  • Apples
  • Candles
  • Sprigs of Berries

Kwanzaa Flower Delivery

No matter where your Kwanzaa celebration is, we can help. Order your flowers early to ensure your flower choice and selected delivery date. Call and ask about our delivery hours and we will work to have a florist deliver them to you, no matter the location.

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Eight perfect florals for Your Hanukkah Celebration.

A Hanukkah flower bouquet can add that special touch you are looking for in your Hanukkah decor. They also make a perfect hostess gift for your Festival of Lights host. With Hanukkah colors of blue and white, flowers can mean much more than what the eye sees.

1. Lilies

A white lily symbolizes purity and holiness and is often associated as the flower of Hanukkah.

2. Delphiniums

Symbolizing cheerfulness and goodwill, delphiniums are harmonious with the rest of your Hanukkah arrangements.

3. Blue Hydrangeas

The hydrangeas are a charming addition to a Hanukkah display representing gratitude, grace, and beauty.

4. Roses

White roses symbolize loyalty, purity, and innocence. They add a classical touch to any arrangement and provide a subtle dash of beauty to any room.

5. Alstroemeria

The alstroemeria is a symbol of grace and beauty and can be used to fill any vase. It looks great alone or as part of an arrangement.

6. Tulips

Elegant additions to a festive arrangement, white tulips can mean thank you in addition to perfect love.

7. Iris

Iris represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom, and admiration.

8. Carnations

white carnations are the perfect addition to any Hanukkah flower arrangement by filling in and adding volume to complete your festive decoration.

Order your Hanukkah flowers today

You can order online, by phone, or in person, whatever you are comfortable with. Our hours may vary so, please call us for our times. We offer both delivery and in-store pickup. REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE is here to assist you with any questions you have!

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Valentine's Day

Your Same-Day Delivery Redlands Florist. Your #1 Ranked Redlands Flower Shop In Redlands By Google and Yelp

How To Order Flowers Online From Your Local Florists In Redlands

Flowers were beautiful from the time they were planted in the ground. Floral gifts became popular in the 1970s when sending flowers started to become the "it" thing to do. Today, ordering online flowers from your Redlands flower shop has never been easier. Redlands California is known for it orange groves but we strive to make it known for beautiful flowers. Visit our website and browse our catalog. Simply click the ‘buy now’ button, and follow the prompt until your purchase is processed. The majority of customers love to call us and speak with a flower designer. Elegant. Classic. Quality. These are three things about us at Redlands Bouquet Florist. We’re flower experts, serving the redlandsCounty Area. We spend our days creating beautiful arrangements that you’re sure to love and enjoy. We offer a wonderful variety of fresh cut flowers for, birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, wedding flowers, funeral flowers, sympathy flowers, corporate events’ flowers, Valentine’s day flowers, fall flowers, prom flowers, just because flowers, rose hat boxes, a dozen long stem roses, and more! We even offer gorgeous customized arrangements, gift baskets, fruit baskets, Gourmet snacks, chocolate covered strawberries, orchid plants, blooming plants, green plants, dish gardens, accessories, stuffed animals, balloons and balloon bouquets, cookies, and specialty products. Our clients have the chance to select from a large assortment of options that are suitable for every occasion. We know this is plenty of information, but mirror mirror on the wall who has the freshest flowers on them all? Your flower shop in Redlands does!

A Little About Your Redlands Flower Shop

Redlands, CA is a historic, antique city within the Inland Empire. Since opening our flower shop located at 702 W Coltona Ave Redlands, CA 92373 our family owned business has built life-long friendships with some of the best people in California.

Finding a great Redlands florist, Yucaipa Florist, or Loma Linda Florist is more than just buying flowers at a moment's whim, as you would do at large retailers. Finding a florist should be personal, like getting a haircut. Florists are there to educate you of the do's and don'ts of purchasing flowers. Curious to find the sweetest bouquet of roses to send to your lover? We can help you select the right flower bouquet for the job. Whenever you are searching for a "Flower shop near me" in Google, understand our job is to help your loved one marvel at the excitement of receiving a beautiful arrangement. Our delivery driver notes when many young women receive flowers, they often say, "I've never received flowers before!" The entire workspace around them is in awe and they are the center of attention. A job well done from the sender!

We here at Redlands Bouquet Florist have the ability to build a relationship with our customers. No matter the occasion, communication is key to getting what you want. If you want specific flowers or colors, we can accommodate those needs. If you want something simple, contemporary, or fanciful, we can accommodate those needs. Our customers come back year after year. And we believe it is because we take the time to build a relationship. Large retailers are unable to do so, and in return, the floral arrangements don't seems as personal or special as they may have used to be.

When you shop online flowers with the Redlands Bouquet Florist, you are shopping with the best in the industry. We have created thousands of arrangements over the past 10 years and lead the market with 100% positive reviews and customer service.

Let’s take a look at some of the Flower shop services we provide in Redlands, CA.

Flower Arrangements We Offer In The City of Redlands

Contact us for the perfect flower arrangements in Redlands, CA. In need of a beautiful bouquet for a loved one? Look no further and contact Redlands Bouquet Florist today to place your order now. We specialize in wedding arrangements, wedding centerpieces, bouquet of roses in a box (Hat box), black hat boxes are the hot trend selling like pancakes! happy birthday flowers, anniversary gifts, get well soon flowers and much more. On top of that, we offer same day floral delivery and have a nationwide network to ensure your order is placed on time, any day out of the week.

Click the map below for directions to our location on Google Maps!

Same Day Flower Delivery in Redlands, CA

While many flower shops only provide delivery within 48 hours, our shop is staffed with experienced florists’ that know how to get the job done in half the time without ever cutting quality. During the seasonal holidays, we become quite busy. So, if you are considering sending flowers to your significant other, friends, or relatives - you should always remember to give Redlands Bouquet Florist some time to make your order. You should place an order at least a day before the delivery or pick-up date.

Bouquets of Roses That Stand The Test of Reviews And Time 

Our team of skilled florists are ready to assist you with creating your beautiful arrangement today. Selling products is not our game. Selling happiness is ourgame! You can fully customize your order or choose from the list of bouquets that are listed above. Our satisfied customers have rated us 5 stars throughout Google, Yelp and The Knot. Give us a call and get started today.

Common Flower Arrangements

Our Additional Locations

Inland Bouquet Florist

Phone Number: (909)884-7177

Address: 1991 Diners Court, San Bernardino, CA 92408

Riverside Bouquet Florist

Phone Number: (951) 781-9338

Address: 6732 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92506

Affordable Flower Arrangements

Look no further while in search for that perfect arrangement. Our experienced staff can create a beautiful 100% customized flower arrangement at an affordable price. With arrangements as low as $35.99 - don’t wait, call now! We are your number one choice for affordable flowers in Redlands, CA.

Click the video below to view our youtube channel


Affordable Weddings and Event Design In Redlands

Plenty of brides schedule a free consultation with us. Upon arrival they are stressed and their fuses burn with anxiety. Planning your wedding should never haunt you until you say, "I do". Patience and calm are the words you will find once you meet with us. Our job is to relieve your worries for your wedding. During our wedding consultation we will go over your wedding inpiration. This may include images from Pinterest, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram or other website you have collected for our review. This generally makes our consult much easier - to see your dreams and desires to design your wedding floral. We have over 25+ years of floral experience ranging from classic, contemporary, vintage, romantic, modern, natural, and even gothic wedding styles! To find a florist who focuses on attention to details is quite important. Trust and comfort is an important metric when dealing with customer's. Within 1-2 business days of your wedding constultaiton we will prepare and send your wedding/event quote to your email. See photos of our floral designs from our highly regarded wedding website!

The People's Choice Wedding Florist in Redlands, CA per Google and Yelp.

Wedding Flowers are not only our passion but our specialty. We've worked with hundreds of brides and grooms to detail their event with blossoming flowers that woo the guests and bridal party. "You won't always be single" is what we like to say. After your lover pops the question we'd love to be part of the answer! Say yes to us and allow us to design jaw dropping wedding bouquets, wedding centerpieces, kissing balls, corsages, bouttonieres, wedding table decorations, bridesmaids bouquets, reception floral, and ceremony floral which all add different dimensions to the party. Fresh flowers for you wedding is a must. We will design your dream wedding with any budget. Affordable wedding flowers is our game which helps create a strong and trusting brand for our name. Your Redlands event design is here!

Many flower shops in Redlands and the surrounding area participate in cookie cutter floral. We believe no wedding day is the same and your wedding flowers should be the same. Every bridal bouquet designed in your Redlands Florist in handmade with personality and a love for the craft. Our work is highly regarded because of our unique style that rivals those in the greater Los Angeles area. We love to work with rustic themed weddings. We love contemporary bouttoneires. We blossom at the chance for even gothic wedding flowers.

Brides generally build their wedding decor after the bridal bouquet or wedding bouquet. 2018 is the year for rustic themed weddings and floral choices. Other styles such as Traditional remain popular with a cleaner form fitted look. No matter the style a rustic bouttoniere will flow seamlessly with all wedding flowers you choose. Our floral decor will work in unison with your wedding dress and venue.

Looking for proof of our work? Please visit our wedding website to review our information and most importanlty our portfolio of wedding flowers. Our wedding gallery shows our up-to-date work from the previous year. We have been given an amazing opportunity to design the wedding of many brides dreams.

The Bouquet Florists Wedding Specialists

We specialize in the following:

1. The Bridal Bouquet or Wedding Bouquet: The weight of the wedding day rests on the shoulder of the bridal bouquet. All of our designers offer unique styles for our brides to choose from. The bridal bouquet sets the tone and color scheme for the rest of the wedding party. There are many styles for the bridal bouquet that are dependent on the dress, personality, and structure of the bride. Styles include The Roundy-Moundy style, the Freeflow (Natural Look) bouquet, The Cascade Bouquet, and The Presentation (Arm Sheath) Bouquet. Many popular wedding floral choices include Roses, Hydrangeas, seeded eucalyptus, and orchids. Bridesmaid bouquets are often different or in most cases very similar but usually smaller in scale. The bridesmaids wedding bouquets are usually 65% more affordable than the wedding bouquet! Your flower bouquets will and capture the shock and awe factor in the moment. Bridal bouquets not only rest on the shoulders of flowers, but may have accents attached to them. Butterflies are a trending choice. Rhinestone that fit in the middle of the roses offer elegance and shine to the bouquets. Stem wrap is a popular choice in the form
of burlap, tulle, ribbon, or rhinestones. Add feathers to create more dimension to the bridal bouquet. Your choices are as limited as your imagination. We are excited to design your wedding bouquet!

2. Corsages and Boutonnieres: Your Redlands Wedding Florists loves to design and hand fix the outerwear floral for the wedding. The bridal party and close relatives deserve love as well. Why not accent them with a touch of wedding flowers. There are two types of corsages for the women of the wedding day. Pin-on corsages and wrist corsages. Pin-ons attach to the chest of the dress as wristlet corsages are on the right hand during the ceremony. These flowers are to match the groomsmen and the brides relative Bouquet and Boutonniere.

3. Table Centerpieces: What is a reception table without wedding reception centerpiece. Low style wedding centerpieces are usually less than 10" tall and allow the table guests to see one another while enjoying the frangrance and subtle look of the flowers before them. Elevated centerpieces are usually 12" tall and fill the air in the room with bountiful joy. Afforadable flowers such as roses and hydrangeas normally fill these wedding table arrangements. Wedding Tables usually serve up to 10 people at a time. The best part of the wedding centerpieces? Your guests may take them home once the reception has concluded!

4. Wedding Ceremony and Reception Decor: The ambiance of the wedding begins and ends with decor surrounding the love in the air. Wedding archways are important and offer eye candy during the vow exchange. Entry way flowers deliver a scenic route for the bridal to walk through. Flower arrangments for the wedding ceremony may sit near the altar or act as kissing balls at the entraces of the guest seating. Sweeheart table arrangements give the bride and groom their own floral for their view at the reception. Foliage garlands serve the same purpose as a sweetheart table "arrangement". Flowers for the cake deliver decoration for beautiful pictures! Wedding decor seals in the beauty of the wedding and give the wedding event dimension.

You have enought deal with after you say yes to the big question. Allow us to ease your life and begin your marraige stress free, full of love. Schedule a consultation with us online, or via phone at (909) 793-2554. You may email your inspiration and dream images to thebouquetflorists@gmail.com
We are the top ranked Redlands wedding flower shop near you. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Areas of Service

Redlands Bouquet Florist is a same-day delivery flower shop that provides flower arrangements in the city of:
  • Redlands
  • Yucaipa
  • Loma Linda
  • Mentone
  • Redlands
  • Rubidoux
  • Moreno Valley
  • Corona
  • Colton and surrounding areas.


We would like to thank our sponsor Black Magic Farms for supporting us in the community as we create better opportunities. The community is forever thankful for sponsoring 40 Dozens of Roses for schools, hospitals, and businesses in the Riverside County for Mother's Day and Valentine's Day to raise awareness of love and grace for the beauty of all relationships. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The community will forever remeber the special gifts donated with cheer. 


Redlands Bouquet Florist is Proud to announcen our partnership with Riverside Flower Delivery for our delivery needs.

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This Passover, add a special touch to your home with a beautiful floral arrangement. Complete your Seder table with a bouquet of springtime flowers that radiate happiness and love. Send flowers to your Passover dinner host and express your gratitude through a festive arrangement of lilies, roses, carnations, hydrangeas, and more. Order today and we can deliver your florals wherever that may be. Whether that is right up the road or miles away. We are here to add that special touch to your celebration.
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What better way to celebrate Easter than with the candy-colors of springtime? Think you're too old for an Easter basket? Think again! Order a lush basket of Easter flowers from REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE for yourself or any bunny who needs a little pick-me-up! Whether your style is bright and cheery gerbera daisies or powdery pastel lilies, this Redlands florist has you covered!
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Admin Professionals Day

Any good business professional knows you can't get ahead without a skilled team behind you. Administrative Professionals Day is all about showing your appreciation, as well as saying, "Thank You" to your staff. Send flowers designed beautifully in a unique coffee mug, or maybe a huge gift basket of snacks for the whole crew to enjoy. However you celebrate this Administrative Professionals Day, REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE can help!
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Mother's Day

Our love for mom grows like flowers. Why not give her a symbol of this love with a beautiful bouquet of Mother's Day flowers? At REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORISTS & MORE, we can design something to tailor match your mom's style. Flowers are the gift that will truly brighten her day and put a smile on her face all week long.
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Father's Day

Send the man in your life a special flower arrangement made just for him. Add a beautiful bouquet to their man cave or a luscious plant. Celebrate dad with an arrangement made of fresh summer flowers, green foliage, or send him a basket of his favorite goodies. Whether it’s for a dad, uncle, grandpa, or stepdad REDLAND'S BOUQUET FLORIST & MORE can help pick the perfect present for them. We have local delivery options but can deliver wherever your dad may be! Call or order online today.